Brother GT-541 Direct to Garment Printer

The Brother GT-541 Garment Printer

The Brother GT-541 garment printer uses ink jet technology that prints on many garments & fabrics in high quality colour directly from a computer or flash card. This ink jet fabric printer is as simple to operate as a desktop printer, which can be networked with multiple units, to deliver great print quality and still remain cost-effective for short-run apparel graphics applications.

The Brother GT-541 garment printer is faster and less expensive to operate than traditional screen printing machines because there is minimal set-up, tear-down, clean-up, screens, squeegees, or pallet adhesive. The Brother GT-541 prints a water based ink that can be cured by a standard heat press, eliminating the need to purchase a conveyor dryer, and significantly reducing operating space requirements.

The Brother GT-541 garment printer prints on plackets & sleeves and has an adjustable platen that can be lowered to allow for thick garments or fabric based objects to be printed.

Optional extra platens are available for the Brother GT-541 garment printer such as a youth, baby, sleeve and pocket, Thanks Brother printing on garments has never been easier .

The Brother GT-541 garment printer requires no extra rip software and prints onto fabric using its own printer driver so you can download directly from a program such as Photoshop, Corel Paint or even Word, then push the button.
It’s that simple to use the The Brother GT-541 garment printer.

No harsh screen printing chemicals.

The Brother GT-541 garment printer can print on a wide variety of fabrics

Brother GT-541 garment printer Ink is machine washable at 40°.

The Brother GT-541 garment printer prints a standard design of 25cm x 33cm in about one minute at a cost on average of £0.35p.

Direct to garment printing

Why Buy A Brother GT – 541 Garment Printer

Why should you purchase a Brother GT- 541 Digital Garment Printer?

  • Create full color digitally printed shirts in minutes – not hours as in traditional screen printing
  • No Chemicals, No Screens, No Reclaiming as in traditional screen printing.
  • Immediately be able to print shirts once the art is approved – No more down time!
  • More environmentally and employee friendly – no harsh screen printing chemicals
  • Make money on jobs you normally would turn away or couldn’t print because of traditional screen printing costs and times.
  • FACT: Digital garment printing is the fastest growing segment of the apparel decorating industry.
  • FACT: Digital garment printing is changing the face and way we do business.
  • FACT: Digital garment printing can help you stay ahead of your competition and create superb looking garments.

Isn’t Digital Garment Printing SLOWER than Screen Printing?

It all depends on several factors. One is the production rates of the specific inkjet T-Shirt printer you are using. The faster the machine the more prints per hour you can produce, which increases your profitability. The Brother GT-541 garment printer prints on average a shirt in about 60 seconds. Smaller sized designs print faster, larger ones take a little longer.

Another factor to consider is that in screen printing you have to print film positives, prepare screens to be burnt, expose, washout screens, dry them, tape and block out the screens, setup, register, print, de-ink the screens, tear down the press and reclaim the screens using chemicals. With a digital garment printer you can be printing shirts as soon as the art is approved. This definitely gives the digital garment printer a speed advantage even though you might be able to screen print faster on a per-piece basis. On average it takes about 30 minutes per colour in a screen printed design to get it burned, setup, registered and torn down. On a 6 colour screen print this means you have at least 3 hours just in preparation not including printing time – if not longer. With a digital garment printer you could have already been printing for those 3 hours and making money.

What about ink costs – Isn’t digital garment printing more expensive than traditional screen printing?

This is another question that depends on several factors. Again, it will depend on the speed of your digital garment printer and the size of the imprint. There is a great article on this at Inkjet Garment that compares screen printing vs. digital garment printing. You can find the article here to help you see whether or not digital printing would be more profitable to use than screen printing. You will see that because of increased production times it is often more profitable to print digitally than it is to traditionally screen print the jobs.

What about washability of the shirts

how does the ink hold up?
The inks used in the Brother GT-541 garment printer are a water based pigmented ink developed by Brother to hold up well under normal washing and drying. It is similar to water based screen printing inks that they give a really soft hand feel and wash well. In our own washing and drying tests the prints have held up well and some shirts work better than others. You will get a little wear, similar to plastisol inks printed on 100% cotton that get a little fibrillation on the printed image, but it is still very acceptable.

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Brother GT-541 Garment Printing FAQ

GT-541 Brother Garment Printer FAQ

Q. What type of printer is the Brother Gt-541 garment printer?
A. The printer is a computer controlled large format ink jet printer that prints directly on to your garments.
Q. Are the prints produced very detailed?
A. The printer produces graphics with up to 600 Dpi. Process screen-printing is approximately 72 Dpi
Q. How many colours will the Brother Gt-541 garment printer produce?
A. By using the 4-color printing process (CMYK) it can produce over 16 Million colours.
Q. How is the ink supplied to the Brother Gt-541 garment printer?
A. By 4 ink cartridges (CMYK).
Q. How long does it take the Brother Gt-541 garment printer to print a shirt?
A. It really depends on the design, but a standard sized 25cm X 33cm design can be produced in about a minute.
Q. Is there any post treating of the garment after printing?
A. Yes. Use a regular heat-press set at 180 degree C and press for 35 seconds.
Q. What colour of garments can the Brother Gt-541 garment printer print on?
A.We can print on white and many light or pastel colour shirts, additionally some dark colour shirts as well.
Q. Can we print on dark colour shirts with the Brother Gt-541 garment printer?
A. It depends on the colour of the garment. But it cannot print on black due to the printer not having white ink.
Q. Will the ink withstand washing?
A. Yes, we have done extensive wash testing and we have found that the ink is very durable in most cases equal to or better than Screen Printing.
Q. What is the maximum printing size on the Brother Gt-541 garment printer?
A. It is 35cm wide X 40cm tall.
Q. How much does it cost to print a shirt?
A. It depends on the amount of ink used. A standard design uses about a £0.35p worth of ink.
Q. What is the Brother Gt-541 garment printer machine’s size and weight?
A. The printer is 46.6″ long x 37.0″ wide x 24.0″tall. It weighs about 220 lbs.
Q. Is any special software or a RIP required?
A. No, graphics can be produced by using most of major Windows based design software programs.
Q. How do you connect the PC to the Brother Gt-541 garment printer?
A. The printer connects via a USB cable (not included) or data can be transferred with a CF card.
Q. Is any special power supply required?
A. No. This printer works with regular AC power 230V (+/- 10%).
Q. What kind of ink is used?
A. It is a water-based ink developed especially for printing on garments.
Q. What types of fabric can the Brother Gt-541 garment printer print on?
A. You can print on a variety of fabric types, however, best quality results are achieved using 100% cotton, 50% cotton 50% poly blends.
Q. When the garment is being printed how do you keep ink from bleeding from the front to the back?
A. There is no need as the ink does not bleed through the shirt.
Q. How is a garment loaded into the Brother Gt-541 garment printer?
A. The garment is slipped on to the printer’s platen much like a garment is loaded on to a screen-printing machine.
Q. Do we need to use any spray tack (adhesive spray) to hold the garment?
A. No. The surface of the platen is covered with a special fabric that helps hold the garment in place.
Q. Is financing available for the Brother Gt-541 garment printer?
A. Yes through third party leasing companies.
Q. Can you print on sleeves with the Brother Gt-541 garment printer?
A. Yes. It would be easier if you press the sleeve before printing and adjust platen height accordingly.
Q. Can you use this printer to print on a transfer paper and then transfer it?
A. No. Our ink is not transferable but you are able to print directly on to CopyFun.
Q. What operating system(s) is required?
A. Windows XP Home or professional, or Windows 2000.
Q. Can the Brother Gt-541 garment printer be used on a network of PCs?
A. Yes. We can share one GT-541 printer with multiple networked PCs using Windows printer-sharing function. Brother GT-541 Garment Printer

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